Missing Persons Guide

The Guide has ideas, advice, examples, checklists, contact databases, and templates to give direction to families and friends looking for a loved one. Though it includes information for longer term cases too, this is the first port of call. See the Guide here.

Media support

Through our relationship with acclaimed firm SenateSHJ, we can offer assistance with media strategy, releases and training (depending on the availability of their staff).

Graphic design

We have an incredibly talented volunteer Creative Director that can design everything from posters and social media assets to billboards.

Legal and investigative specialists

We have a small network of compassionate lawyers, drone pilots, OSINT specialists and former police detectives that kindly offer families and friends of missing people pro bono advice and assistance (depending on their availability).


The Mobile Billboard Company generously gives Missed an annual in-kind budget for printing, transporting and displaying large A-frame billboards across Australia.

Age progression

A British artist, who works for the National Crime Agency’s Missing Persons Unit, has offered his help. The process is understandably quite involved (requiring multiple photographs and relevant information) but he can create images of what a loved one may look like over an extended period of time.


We’re acutely aware of the impact having a loved one go missing can have on individuals, families, communities, workplaces and government services. We recently conducted groundbreaking research to measure the magnitude of that impact in a way to aid us in our bid for government funding, coming to a figure on the Cost of Missingness, which we hope to be able to share soon.

Policy and legislative change

Disappearances cause administrative complications, but with only a fraction of cases becoming long term, we believe we can work with government and corporates to minimise the harm to families. We plan to expand upon our success with Vodafone creating policies for long term missing customers across all relevant industries.

Letters of support

Over the years we have written letters of support to various ministers and authorities regarding Victims of Crime compensation and reward applications. We recognise the importance of recognition and representation, and offer this assistance whenever it is appropriate.