Based on our book, Too Short Stories, humanising long term missing Australians by going beyond the details in a poster, What’s Missing was recorded just before in March 2020. Through candid interviews with eight families, we explored what it’s actually like when someone disappears; from the police, media, psychics and hoaxes to the financial toll, the administrative nightmares and the psychological torment.


We released the 10-part series (including two bonus episodes with experts Dr Sarah Wayland and Assoc. Prof. Jodie Ward) for National Missing Persons Week 2020. The series was endorsed by Emeritus Professor Dr Pauline Boss, principal theorist and author of Ambiguous Loss (USA), as well as the CEO of Missing People (UK), Jo Youle, and Director for the Centre of Missing Persons (UK), Karen Shalev-Greene.


With over 650,000 downloads, and overwhelmingly positive reviews, we developed season two in 2021, Matty.


Listen wherever you get your podcasts, or via: www.whatsmissingpodcast.com