Providing support – both practical and emotional – is one of the two core functions of Missed.

Having a loved one disappear isn’t a scenario anyone is ever prepared to find themselves in. Time is of the essence, and yet those directly affected are often overwhelmed by the panic, shock and a sense of helplessness and hopelessness.
Just as the circumstances of every disappearance differ, everyone will have different response to a loved one going missing. Accordingly, a range of supports are required.
Based on the lived-experience of a pragmatic response, our foundation project seeks to address the practicalities of search and awareness-spreading. Our attention was focused firmly on increasing efficiency when it matters most, and lessening the profound stress on people who’ve never used Photoshop or dealt with the media before.
We then built upon those supports, by tending to the issues that surface for those whose loved one remains missing long term (beyond 3 months), which involves strategic partnerships, research, as well as an important focus on the emotional and psychological impact on those who live with an ambiguous loss.
We recognise that these two types of support are interrelated, and we strive to meet the needs of everyone directly impacted by missingness, regardless of the circumstances of the disappearance.