Corporate Partnerships

Over 40,000 Australian families are directly affected by the disappearance of a loved one every year; financially, emotionally and psychologically. A corporate partnership with Missed reaches a yet untouched and substantial portion of the consumer market. There are numerous and varied opportunities for mutually beneficial relationships with businesses for which missing persons has a natural synergy.

We have ongoing pro bono relationships with esteemed strategic communications firm SenateSHJ, acclaimed advertising agency whiteGREY and the Australia-wide Mobile Billboard Company. From office space, media relations, advertising campaigns and physical ad space, their assistance is available to all families in our network and equates to over $1.6 million in real value each year.

We are immensely proud of and grateful for the businesses mentioned below, who’ve lended their support over the years – from involvement with various awareness campaigns, to sponsorships and partnerships and National Missing Persons Week program promotion – and look forward to cultivating new relationships that will help us continue making headway in addressing this community issue.


If you believe in the work that we do, please consider us for your next fundraising event.
Any Australian citizen is able to collect tax-deductible donations for Missed by way of fundraising. From fun runs, to Ironman challenges, the fundraising that our supporters have undertaken over the years have made a significant impact in our ability to maintain momentum.


We rely heavily on skilled volunteers. If you have a background in law, accounting, web design/development, and want to help us out with your time, please reach out.

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If you are interested in supporting our cause, please get in touch.