100 A DAY

Shortly after Missed was founded in 2013, we received an offer to have distress advertising space (leftover, unsold spots) in Fairfax newspapers across the country.

Seizing the opportunity, we established the key aims of the opportunity: awareness for the missing loved one, education about the prevalence of Missing Persons, and rebranding the ‘look and feel’ of the cause.
We gave a volunteer graphic designer a brief outlining our ideas around colour, format, tone, language and called the campaign ‘100 A DAY’ in reference to the fact that over 100 Australians are reported missing to police every single day. A fact that still alarms.
Over the couple of years that the initiative ran, we were also offered spaces in a variety of other print publications, like The Big Issue, as well as radio ad space across the ACE Radio Network, and in-store window displays with the Bank of Melbourne.

100 A DAY was Missed’s first publicity campaign, and we are proud to have presented this community issue in a way that was informative, digestible, and gave thousands of Australians an insight into the kinds of people that can go missing (anyone), and what their loved ones missed about them.