The Hope Narratives


A collection of over 500 years’ worth of lived experience expertise on living with ambiguous loss, from 44 loved ones of missing people, from 8 countries, both suspicious and non-suspicious cases, ranging in length of time missing from two to over 40 years. The Hope Narratives is our most impactful resource yet.
A beautifully designed and made set of 145 high-quality 300GSM matte film coated cards, encased in a 3mm thick, sturdy box built to last.
In September 2023, it won two Good Design Awards (Social Impact and Communication Design).
Proudly printed in Sydney, Australia.


More than a set of cards, The Hope Narratives is a world-first therapeutic language project that we hope will help loved ones left behind navigate ambiguous loss and know they’re not alone. They also give comprehensive, powerful insights to anyone interested in gaining an understanding of what it’s like to live without knowing the whereabouts of a loved one.
NB. We don’t want the cost of this quality-made product to be prohibitive. If you’re facing financial difficulties, please contact us.


I sat down with them and realised, after thinking for many years I was going loopy, that other people think these things. I’m not alone in these strange thoughts and difficult feelings, and it helps me to know that. – Son


They are beautiful and sad and happy and inspirational. So they are perfect. – Mother


The support and understanding for families going through having a missing loved one is limited. The cards are so relatable and familiar to how me and my family are feeling at the moment. – Sister


The Hope Narratives are truly beautiful and a good opportunity to provide something to help police better understand the experience of those with a missing loved one and consider that in their investigations/dealings with families. – Australian Federal Police

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